Wednesday, May 16

Lea Michele is Pretty in Pink

Lea Michele made a fashion splash in this adorable pink ensemble on Monday. The skirt and top are by Jenni Kayne, and Lea finished the look with a pair of chunky gray suede pumps. I want this outfit!

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Tuesday, May 15

Mad and Crazy Plaid

I am so excited to show you this nail art! It's a bright and colorful plaid that's perfect for warm weather. The best part is that it looks complicated, but is super easy to do!
Here are the polishes I used: I started with a base of OPI Alpine Snow. It usually takes about one and a half coats, but you'll be covering most of it up anyway. Then I used a new Kiss Nail Artist pack I got waaaay back in winter but have never used. It has blue, purple, and pink. Then I finished it off with some Seche Vite.
So here's how you make the pattern (which I do completely on one hand and then do the other). Paint on you base color and allow it to completely dry. Then choose your first color, which will be under all of the others. I chose the purple because it was the lightest. Then take the brush and paint two vertical lines with plenty of space in between. I also made slightly off-center and then close to the side. Do this on all of your nails on one hand.
Wait a little bit for the color to dry (it won't take long), and paint two horizontal lines with the same color. Basically, you make a tic-tac-toe box. Once it is completely dry, you do the same thing with your next color (I chose blue).
This last part was where I deviated. For the final color, which is usually the most eye-catching (the hot pink in this case), I normally do a big cross, with the vertical line near the side of the nail and the horizontal across the middle. But this pink was too good to waste! I added another vertical line and got an amazingly busy nail art.
If you want to do this mani yourself, I highly recommend the Kiss Nail Artist sets, or something like them. If you don't want to buy those or don't have a striping brush (a really super thin brush), then I suggest using a dotting tool. Remember, you can make your own with sewing and bobby pins!

Wednesday, May 2


I love this. Coffee shops make me so nervous, especially Starbucks because everything is so complicated. I just want a hot chocolate, maybe a pastry.